As in the last few years, Lockdown takes place just outside Lisbon.

The venue is the VIP Executive Santa Iria Hotel, Lisbon.

The Hotel is located 10 km to the north side of Lisbon in “Santa Iria da Azoia”, just a few meters from the “Estrada Nacional nº 10”, the city’s northern main access.



Estrada Nacional 10, 1260

2694-001 Santa Iria da Azóia – Portugal

GPS: 38° 50′ 19.31″N | -9° 5′ 0.34″W


Google Maps:


To get to the hotel from abroad, there are a couple of alternatives:

  • Fly to Lisbon Airport. When you land, grab a taxi (don’t recommend catching an Uber at the Lisbon airport) and give the taxi driver the hotel name and address. The ride is relatively short (about 15 minutes at most).
  • Fly to Porto or Faro Airports. To go from Porto or Faro to Lisbon contact the Portuguese FGC and try to get a ride in one of the many carpools that will be available. If you can’t get a ride, you can also go to Lisbon by train or bus. This will add about 3 hours of travel and about 25€ for the one-way ticket.


If you need any help planning your travel contact us and we will be happy to help.