All tournaments will be played in the Double Elimination format.

Players are responsible for being in the tournament area when a tournament is going on. If a player doesn’t answer their call, they will be disqualified without refund.

Even though the community is usually very helpful, we strongly recommend you bring your own stick/pad so you don’t depend on other people.

Macros or turbos usage is forbidden. If you get caught using them you will lose the match.

All players have to disconnect/de-synch their wireless controllers after their matches end. If you don’t, and end up pausing another tournament match, you could be ruining someone else’s weekend. You wouldn’t want it to happen to you so be responsible.

If a player pauses during a tournament match, willingly or by accident, the round is immediately given to the other player.

A player can request blind-picking before a match starts.

All players are expected to behave in a proper manner. Abuses, insults or violence will not be tolerated and anyone out of line will be immediately thrown out of the event.